Perfect the Relationship

We manage automation technology while
You sell them the dream.

Working With Dealers

Protecting Profit Margins While Boosting Customer Confidence

Sentient Systems has a technical advisory and support program designed specifically for automation system dealers. There are three areas whereby automation system dealers leverage our experience, our expertise, and our advice.


Good sales teams need good technical advisors to support the sales process. Technical scope often lacks the right detail and design resulting in a loss of margin and an unhappy client when a system is delivered. Ask us about our completely free up-front sales advisory service.


Today, dealers sell all the same solutions and are finding it harder to differentiate. Creating custom solutions allow you to change the game, but this requires considerable expertise, which is hard to find. Ask us how we can help you create custom automation solutions for your customers.


When it comes to customer support, problems are taking too long to solve, bleeding margin and adding to end-user frustration. To provide five-star support, you need a well-designed system and experts in the right seats. Ask us about our tier-one support solution which takes the burden off dealers to provide support.

We now consult with Kevin [Sentient Systems] before we start any new project and ask for his valued professional opinion on our designs… a great fit for us in both our luxury residential and commercial projects.

Tim KLumen Lighting & Shading Inc.

…their systems that kept on malfunctioning. Because of Kevin [Sentient Systems], not only we were able to fix the problems they were facing, but we also gained the client’s trust…

Matias A.MAC Automated Solutions

On your next home or office automation sale, inquire about our completely free advisory service where we review the scope and design of your project and provide advice and feedback.